What's our philosophy?

We’re adoba—expert, career-long hoteliers who've realized that a green hotel can be more comfortable to guests, more competitive among the same-old-same-old and a whole lot more profitable for owners, all without
asking anyone to do without.

What do we bring to the table?

  • We can build or convert
  • We've turned the industry on its head with our pay-for-performance model

  • We bring worldwide, real-time turnkey reservations platforms
  • We have performance data to back everything up

What are we looking for?

adoba ecotel + suites™ brand is actively seeking hotel and hospitality investments, for projects including conversions, re-branding, licensing and management.

Our sustainable achievements:

  • Moving America Forward Entrepreneurial Award

  • Trip Advisor Green Leaders Gold Certification

  • 4 Key rating by Green Key
  • Travelocity Green Hotel Tag
  • AAA Eco-Friendly Rating
adoba hotel™ Dearborn/Detroit